Aiming for a fulfilling career ?


We always desire to get onto the path to utilimate happiness in our lives - being the best son/daughter in our family, a best friend, the best spouse and eventually the best parents !

But one thing that we have all realized at some point (and over years of experience) is that if we spend our day time wisely, stay productive and continue to find time to learn new skills, we feel far more enthusiastic towards nurturing all forms of relationships (work, friends, family) and become a role model for the upcoming generation.

We devote ~60% of our awake time on weekdays towards work so it better be spent towards something that excites us from inside and creates impact that makes us a favorite choice for all employers.

Here are some tips that will help groom your personality and make you future ready:

1. Read - pretty much everything that comes your way, subscribe to good newspapers and take a fact based approach to discuss arguments in your day-to-day conversations

2. Learn - Today is different from yesterday and tomorrow will bring even more surprising innovations to us. Imagine what it would be ignite the child-like mindset in us that used to figure out how toys work (without any manuals). Keep the learning mindset & curosity alive so that you can pick up the new technologies/ innovations with ease. Some simple things such as learning new computer softwares, signing up for an online-course on marketing, negotiations will go a long way !

3. Share - Whatever you learn, sticks only when it is shared. Get in the good company and use the power of today's social media to talk about issues that matter and become a problem-solver for the people around you. The world needs problem solvers and your ideas need to be shared.

4. Get a Coach - No wonder that the greatest athletes do better only when they are told they are still not at their best and have room to grow. Once you know what type of work really inspires you, find someone in the community who can be your mirror, listen to you and pretty much tell you (without any sugar coating) that you are not there yet. Some of these coach - mentee relationships may become the best relations in your lifetime.

5. Track Progress - You only get what you target. No one in this world would have got more than what they imagine. As we have always learnt, dream big but what follows next is to set milestones towards chasing your dreams. You might not get there soon (or even ever) but you will far ahead of where you would have landed without that dream.

It is highly advised that you take those 10 mins before your bed time to put down 3 new things that learned today and in just a year, you will have a catalog of 1000 experiences on what works (and what does not) :)

Wishing you a great career ahead !

This article has been published by Staff Merit Team. We are happy to connect with you personally and help you get on the critical path to success. We strongly believe that the skill demands of tomorrow are going to be different and we want to make a dent early on by prepping up the community to become multi-skilled, fearless job pursuiters over time.

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